The Obsidian Saga

Session 2: Lord Monstro and the battle of the well

Yesterday was very frustrating. Thankfully, I was able to save the Elven Girl from the black rain. Sadly, not  only did I have to spend time buffing the pits etched in my plating from the acidic droplets, I couldn’t even stop her tears after I brought her to safety. If I had a fleshy heart instead of a series of arcane reactors fueling my movements, it’d be broken. 

Luckily, today was far more interesting! Yesterday my new friend, Yuri Horsetransformer had reached an agreement with the inn owner for some gold to help them with potential bandits that were waylaying travelers in the direction we were going. I was a bit worried that it might eat into the time before we reached the Crossroads, but the morning was interrupted by a massive gong and everyone hurriedly rushing to the wall.

What luck, they came to us! I might not have to pay for Friend Maverick’s lodgings anymore! I might see if I could hold onto his share for him; he is very good at losing it at card games.

“They came, heralded by the sound of thunder; a dark cloud of dust they kicked up a grim testament to the ruin that followed them. Fifty men in cruelly spiked carriages, armed with great weapons and dark intentions, circled The Well.” (I really like this description! I’m probably going to add it into a song!)

The guardsmen and townspeople seemed very frightened of what lay around them, so I pitched in by helping add a second wall as fast as possible through my earth shaping. For some reason, they didn’t really respond to my attempts to calm them, but my friend Hakam was able to help steel them for what laid ahead. He’s such a nice guy, always with a half smile and always giving me suggestions about how to act in front of others. I also love his voice! I should one day make a song about our stories in that accent! On my end, I decided to help the dwarf lady who was the leader of the guards by patting her head and reassuring her, something that I learned small humanoids liked during my time with gnomes. It worked well, since she returned my gaze with a look of fury and bloodlust; that’s going to be perfect for the fight ahead! Good Job!

After encircling The Wall a man with impressively red, but sadly poorly kept, hair and horns came out of the really cool looking armored carriage. He said something about giving up and joining the bandits, but sadly said we’d have to give him everything in order to do so. Also, I don’t think a bandit army is a good environment for an Elven Child to grow up in- elves take a long time to mature, and it is really easy to pick up bad personal habits with bandits. A child’s growth is important. The man with red hair gave an hour for our replies, and Friend Hakam suggested we get the first strike in the next time he came out… which worked perfectly! With the exception of Friend Maverick’s arrow, all of our volley hit home, bringing the man to a quick and efficient end! I secretly shot Maverick a thumbs up to know it was okay he missed, but I don’t think he noticed.

I honestly thought that was going to be the end of this fight until a very impressive set of vocal chords roared in blind fury at the death of the red haired fellow. The vocal chords belonged to a large gregarious fellow named Lord Monstro who then charged at us- making the rest of the bandits follow.

Me and all my friends worked together to defend our side of the compound, and we weathered a storm of ammunition flung in our direction. Friend Quina was struck several times by errant javelins, and Friend Maverick was almost killed! I pulled him off the wall so he could use me as a shield, and then enlarged myself so I could pull Lord Monstro away from my friends on the wall. Oh, also at this time Friend Juri Horsetransformer turned into a Giant Spider; almost as large as my own enhanced form! I’m now worried what I should call him in my head in the future; Friend Juri Slaughterspider the Horsetransformer? Possibly, but it is a bit wordy. It was also suprisingly soothing when he crawled on my back to deliver a poisionous bite to Lord Monstro; I might have to ask him again to do that at a future date. 

Luckily, my arcane shields kept Monstro from piercing my chassis when I had him in hand, and with a quick bat of my mace I charged him with just enough energy that he expired when I made him explode in midair! Sadly, the momentum was already on the side of the bandits, and they kept on making their way into the compound. Thankfully we were able to hold them off until they broke! They also left a bunch of cool stuff behind, including a mace that gives a pleasant tingle when held! Joy! 

Not as thankfully, two guards had died in the fight, as did the elven father that I aided last night. I know it wasn’t much, but I did my best to soothe them, and gave them a bracelet I found within the spoils. I’m glad the Elven Girl still has her mother. We were also able to take the really awesome looking war carriage as well! 

Since I was in charge of inventory, I guess I should list the spoils we did find. We were able to get:
1800 copper
1300 Silver
40 Gold
(4)3 pieces of jewelry worth 25 gold each,
An enchanted mace (+1 Mace)
AND, 5 gold apeace from the innkeeper! What luck!

Of course, since I obviously snatched up the mace, I’m going to push some of my earnings on the others; it wouldn’t be fair when I got such a wonderful item. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the money I earned. 

Well, at the rate we’re going we should be in Crossroads soon, and maybe we can find something to purchase there. 

Session 1: The Well

The party, after a long day of walking down a hot, dusty road, reached a small inn compound before dark.  There, the party split into two groups.

The first group, Hakam and Qawiyya, wandered out into the wasteland in search of food.  They encountered a herd of aurochs, and though Qawiyya was badly wounded, they slew one.  Qawiyya returned to the inn while Hakam remained to butcher the carcass.

The second group, Necso, Maverick and Yuri, remained at the inn.  Yuri used his magic to summon water for the inn, and in return the innkeeper, Timothy, provided free food for the group.  

Qawiyya returned, and the group, after trading more water for the use of a wagon, set off to collect the butchered aurochs.  They returned and traded some of the meat for access to the inn's smoker, and began the work of preserving the meat.  They also noticed clouds rolling in from far off on the horizon.

That night, Maverick gambled what was left of his money away.  Necso played well enough to earn a discount on lodging, but Yuri, Hakam and Qawiyya slept outdoors.  In particular, Qawiyya slept in the hollowed out skull of the slain aurochs.

The following morning was met with calamity—black rain.  A young elf couple and their small child were already outside when the first rain fell, and the child had wandered far from shelter.  Seeing a child in distress, Necso leaped into action.  Taking heavy damage from the falling acid, he nonetheless saved the child and returned it to a covered area with the young elf couple.  The elf couple, in their gratitude, paid for the party's food and drink, as well as lodging for the night.

The party remained indoors that day.  They learned of potential bandit problems to the north, and made arrangements to be paid 5 gold each if they returned to the inn with proof of eliminating the bandits.

The next morning, the inn was attacked.  Wild and crazed bandits, riding horse, chariot and wagon all affixed with scraps of armor, sharp blades and pointed stakes, descended on the settlement.  Yuri befriended a small lizard and sent it to the far wall to act as a scout, while Necso prepared defenses using his magic to move earth from the ground into a makeshift moat and berm.  Qawiyya prepared herself to slip over the wall and sneak amongst the bandits.

The Saga Begins!
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