An image of a fantasy city.

Long ago, in a past age, ancient practitioners of magic filled the world with glorious wonders.  It is said that they could communicate with each other over vast distances, share knowledge without need of books, and travel between places in an instant. 

Unfortunately, their prodigious array of marvels also included weapons of war.

Such was the might of these arcane engines that their mere existence forced an uneasy peace between the nations of the land.  Eventually, however, this changed.  No one knows for certain why, but one of these implements of destruction was unleashed, precipitating a cascade of carnage that laid waste to the peoples of the lands—and to the very lands themselves.

Now, the world is a wasteland.  Untainted food and potable water are scarce.  The sun mercilessly oppresses the earth, scorching flesh and fiber alike.  Roving bandits, half-mad from their harsh existence, plague the few settlements that cling like weeds to a vestige of civilization.  

Worst of all, though, is the remnant magic still wreaking havoc from those ancient weapons.  Terrible, deadly storms.  Mighty, mutated beasts.  The very lands itself rebels.

Through all this, you must find a way to survive.  

The Obsidian Saga

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