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Welcome to the world of The Obsidian Saga!  On this page and the pages linked within, you'll find everything you need to know about making a character in this land, as well as playing in and exploring the world.

If you are making a character, head over to the Character Creation page.  There you'll find all of the rules to character creation that are specific to this campaign.

In addition, if you are familiar with the rules of D&D 5e, check out the House Rules page.  You'll find the specific tweaks to the core rules that we are using for this campaign, as well as rules for managing the campaign.  Of particular note are the rules for Food and Drink, which will feature prominently in the campaign.

The Land of Aern

Aern is a word from ancient history.  No one really knows it's original meaning, but it has come to be the name given to the known lands.  Scattered across the lands are various small settlements, typically just a few families banding together for protection and to share the work of surviving in such a harsh land.  

Below you'll find a list of the various locations and settlements in Aern.

* Ashenhold – A city in the Grey Wastes ruled by the strict Order of Mal.
Crossroads – The primary trade settlement in the Heartlands, this loosely organized town is only kept from chaos by the Lady of Pain, a woman as beautiful as she is intimidating.
Burrows – A small settlement in the Heartlands that combines a few above ground structures with several below ground structures.
* Midden – A walled town set at the edge of the Noxious Bog.

* Heartlands – Located in the center of Aern, the Heartlands are the most hospitable of the lands of Aern.  Many small communities exist in the Heartlands
* Grey Wastes – West of the Heartlands and east of the Lava Fields, the Grey Wastes are a dead land covered in ash.  Of note, the city of Ashenhold sits along it's eastern border.
* Lava Fields – Lava flows down from the Weeping Mountains to the west and rises up from beneath the surface, this is a land of lava lakes and rivers.
* Weeping Mountains – Located along the far western edge of the known lands of Aern, the Weeping Mountains are called such because of their constant eruptions and the steady flow of lava leaking from their peaks.
* Sand Sea – Located north of the Heartlands, the Sand Sea is a vast expanse of desert.
* Noxious Bog – Located south of the Heartlands, the Noxious Bog is a poisonous swamp that is deadly to those without the knowledge to survive.
* Pale Flats – Located east of the Heartlands, the Pale Flats are a large expanse of salt-covered desert.  
* Endless Deep – To the far east is the Endless Deep, a massive and impassible canyon system.

Main Page

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